story beyond just the obvious

My story

My name is Brynjar Ágústsson and I live in Iceland and i’m a freelance and self-taught photographer, based in Reykjavík area. I started taking pictures in 1980 as a hobby on films. But in 2005 i got my first digital camera (Canon but soon switched to Nikon) and have been taking pro-pictures ever since, experting as well in Lightroom and Photoshop. My work has been featured in magazines, commercials and exhibitions.

I always explored the latest in the photography business, both technically and ideologically. Mainly i have been working with landscape photos from the beginning. But also created some unique viking photos for my clients, sports action photos and food photos as well, and I have focussed lately on bw and fine art portraits where light, postures and texture are the main themes.

I have been in every corner of Iceland and have long experience from travelling around the country in my camper with a camera and a tripod, capturing the unique light and scenery of the icelandic wilderness. I have been more in adventurous side of traveling and being a former parachute jumper, windsurfer, rescue team member and mountain guide. And now working as a guide for Aurora Hunters.

my sense for photograph

Today I do both private tours and workshop and tours for Aurora Hunters. Most of the tours I have been leading, have 6 to 14 participants on and many types of tours around Iceland and on highland.
My interest today is to help people to expand their vision in creative way. Most photographer’s journey starts with learning how to do things which is more technical side of photography and later on they move from “how to why”.  In this why part we have to ask ours selfies why we are in this creative field of photography.  What kind of photographer are you? What is your driving force? What is the story in your images?
For many, landscape photography is new way of traveling in this world and following and styling many images of some of the landscape gurus today. To many images in this field look same to me and have this WOW factor where we have frame with “perfect” foreground, middle- and background and nice editing. The image is filled with many elements and tells the whole story in the image and leave no space for imagination. This kind of image will not withstand long time on the wall.
For me this kind of photography is necessary step in learning and I’m teaching this in my workshop. However as mention before this is more like how to do things and from here I like to take the next step.